Exploring the haunting of Hot Lake Hotel through first hand experiences.

Hot Lake Hotel: An Introduction

For those of you not familiar with Hot Lake, this brief summary from Wikipedia is a great overview –

Hot Lake Hotel

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hot Lake Hotel is a hotel originally built in 1864 in Hot Lake, Union County, Oregon, United States. The hotel became a popular vacation and resting spot due to its relaxing thermal waters. It was purchased by Dr. W. T. Phy in 1917 who developed state-of-the-art medical facilities including a hospital and surgery room with the most modern X-ray and radiation treatments of the time. It functioned dually as a resort and hospital until 1934, when a fire destroyed the majority of the original building, which contained nearly 300 rooms.

From then on, the remaining brick structure served as a nursing home, asylum, and restaurant before being abandoned and falling into disrepair in 1991. Prior owners included future governor Walter M. Pierce and former state senator Parish L. Willis who were major shareholders of the Hot Lake Sanatorium Company in the 1910s.  In 2007, the property was re-purchased and restored, and as of 2010, functions as a bed and breakfast, museum, and spa.


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