Exploring the haunting of Hot Lake Hotel through first hand experiences.

Stairwell Attack

How the stairwell looks today

A story relayed to me –

Around the mid 90s, Junior and a couple of his friends decided to go out to Hot Lake at night, look around and just up to general mischief. Then Hot Lake was standing empty, most the windows broken out of it and just standing full of crap – both metaphorically and physically from the birds and rodents that called the place home. After checking out the second floor, the three young guys with flashlights in hand head up the back stairwell towards the third floor. Part of the way up, they see footprints being made as they watched dumbfounded coming DOWN the stairs toward them. Juniors friends run for it, but Junior is absolutely frozen, flashlight in hand, staring at the approaching footsteps when suddenly his arm holding the flashlight is grabbed by nothing he can see and the flashlight goes flying out of his hand. That unfroze Junior and
he beat his friends to the car out front.


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