Exploring the haunting of Hot Lake Hotel through first hand experiences.

Black Mist and Orb

Currently, Hot Lake actually is a really nice place to stay.
A wonderful soak, the quiet atmosphere, tasty dinner, we were relaxed and as
night fell – excited to lurk in the “Guest Library” which used to be the
surgery room. The doctor who made Hot Lake famous supposedly was an early
pioneer in hysterectomies and XRay technology so  there is a lot of equipment around. At one
time, long before being restored, many people said that the floors of some of
the rooms, and the entrance to the now covered basement, were covered in
medical records. Anyway, we hung out in the surgery/library for a couple hours
and not another soul joined us on the third floor. The owners are remodeling an
apartment on the third floor for them to live in but never seem to be finishing
it and stay in some of the hotel rooms on the 2nd floor. It had been a quiet
and non-eventful evening but we had fun thrilling ourselves and taking a
million pictures. At 10 o clock we decided to do one last circuit of the third
floor before heading to our rooms, we were being quiet about doing it as we
didn’t want the owner or any of the staff to come up and ask us what we were
doing. Also, the one set of guests staying on the third floor, from out of
town, had retired to their room at the top of the stairs. We started reading a
lot of history on the walls, the framed articles and historic photos and just
enjoying the atmosphere. I wandered farther down the south  end and was looking down the short hallway to
what they call the “quad rooms” – a couple of bedrooms that share a bathroom.
Now two things to help set the scene here. For not believing in anything
paranormal, the owners do a couple things that I find funny – almost like they
are trying to reassure people without admitting anything. They crank music
through the hallways, even the closets, at all hours of the day. You aren’t
going to hear anything and if you do – easy enough to say it was just the
music. Secondly, they seem to leave an abnormal amount of lights on throughout
the entire building 24/7. When rooms are not being used by guests, they leave
them open so other guests can tour them and usually there are several lights
on. Coming across that end of the hall, darkened and quiet, without either
lights or music caught my attention. But then my companion was startled and
waved at me from near the main stairwell and I turned to see what was happening
and out of the corner of my eye, saw someone or something, step into one of the
rooms. My breath caught and I froze. It just seemed like I wasn’t alone,
someone was right there, just out of sight in the darkened bedroom at the end
of the hall. I wasn’t even thinking “ghost” or anything extraordinary, I was
thinking we were totally caught goofing around the halls. I raised the camera
and took a picture and realized there was no flash so I quickly followed with a
picture with the flash, not watching the screen but watching the room. Nothing
was there, relieved I shook it off and headed back to my companion who had been
startled by a “yell”, which when we got closer to the room and the noise
repeated we realized were the occupants “enjoying” their vacation. Totally
embarrassed and thinking that our brief foray into “ghost bustin” was a total
bust we headed back to our room. We started looking through pictures and
chatting, and playing back the old school tape recorder we had left in the
surgery and made a couple of discoveries that kept me up the rest of the night.
First, randomly on our tape we came across a brief burst of screaming that
neither of us in the room heard, though it sounded like it was happening right
there. You hear us talking and then what sounds like a woman’s frantic
screaming and we don’t seem to react to it. That was creepy and I still need to
find a way to pull it off the tape to share it. So I thumbed through pictures
and had lots of gorgeous pics from an artsy perspective but nothing too
interesting until I came to those hallway pics. Crooked and not framed, you can
tell I was using the camera flash more than “taking a picture” and the first
one with no flash, a shadow darker than the surrounding dark is just there.
There in front of the door jamb and seems so 3D, like a black mist hanging in
the hallway. The second pic immediately following shows a small “orb” as they
are called in the exact same place as the mist. It’s the only time out of 500
pictures that either of these phenomena happened on my nice digital camera. I
don’t even really know what an orb is, but it doesn’t look like it belongs in
this picture.

I didn’t really sleep that night, even if the pictures hadn’t
alarmed me but the place is just restless. All night. Noises and voices and
doors closing. I couldn’t say if they were any otherworldly causes except that
in the place so large it was once used as a hospital, why do a total of six
spread out guests sound like a hundred people wandering around?


One response

  1. Jason

    I know of some one else with a tape recorder with a womans voice screaming on it. It was very creepy I heard it myself. This was maybe 94-95? I belive was the time frame.

    September 8, 2013 at 5:56 am

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