Exploring the haunting of Hot Lake Hotel through first hand experiences.

Slammed Doors

Story related to me. A few high school girls had to do a local history
project and they choose to do it on Hot Lake. As part of their project
they wanted to go out and look around, take pictures and generally
explore the then decaying debris of Hot Lake’s former medical glory.
They spent a lot of time one afternoon looking through and taking some
great black and white photos (see the few attached with this post). One
of the girls started messing around a bit more than exploring, wheeling
herself in some of the remaining wheelchairs and being loud and
disrespectful. The girls were on the third floor, going down the hall
and the one was going up to half closed and closed doors and kicking
them open with force. From room to room they traveled in this manner,
joking around, telling the one girl she shouldn’t antagonize the place
but having a relative good time. They reached the door at the top of the
stairs on the third floor (South east corner of that hallway
intersection) and the one girl does her super kick on the door, as she
had a half a dozen previous doors. However, this door wasn’t as
complacent. She kicked it open and before she had her leg back down in
standing position, the door slammed shut in her face with force.
Stunned, the girls stood there looking at the door, then down both
directions of the hallway ALL the doors to the various rooms began
slamming shut in order from both ends – heading to meet where the girls
were standing. Terrified they ran down the main stair and out into the
parking lot and their car. They sat there all excited and couldn’t
believing what they had saw and started to convince themselves to go
back in while there was still daylight. When they began to head back in,
they heard a terrific noise come from multiple points in the building,
like a thousand windows breaking at once – it simply sounded like a
massive glass explosion – but they could see nothing breaking and at
that point, most if not all of the main building’s windows had been
already broken out. Without much discussion, the girls turned around and


One response

  1. Jason

    I know of the door thing happening to two other people.

    September 8, 2013 at 6:09 am

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